Last sail and then the veil in Vail

Atlanta to Denver: 3 hour flight. Denver to Vail: 2 hour drive. Vail to Piney Lake: 1 hour trek over the mountains and through the woods. Witnessing my beautiful sister marry her beloved gent against a Colorado backdrop: timeless!

There is nothing greater than the ability to share the joy of life’s ups and downs with someone you love. I’m so grateful my sweet sis has a thoughtful, reliable life partner with high character and the desire to learn and explore. I hope they will be on a never-ending quest of discovery, learning new things about one another as they continue to evolve as individuals. And may their life be as picture-perfect as this weekend!

Celebrating Freedom in America’s Heartland

Bonfire bonding, paddle boarding on brisk mountain runoff, and a nice long hike with my handsome brother and best bud  this is the best way to spend Independence Day, my favorite holiday. A little trailblazing with a day pack full of snackies and Woodford Reserve is just what this girl needed. Up close, the landscape is rough compared to Bavaria in summer, and the air is cool and fresh. They say altitude inhibits physical endurance and enhances effects of alcohol; I found neither to be the case, despite best efforts. There’s nothing more refreshing than a nap among the wildflowers!

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  1. Absolutely love this post!!!!  You are so articulate and good at writing…always enjoy and are impressed!!!LY!

    xxoxoooxoxoxoxoxox  MB



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