A Capitol view

For me, approaching D.C. is like the anticipation you get just before breaking the water’s surface after a long swim. Touchdown at Reagan feels comfortable, like pulling into my parents’ drive. This is my 10th return to The District since I moved away eighteen months ago, and I still miss daily life here.

Within 10 minutes, I’m in an Uber cruising down 8th Street in Eastern Market. The sidewalk is bustling with folks walking the neighborhood and a queued crowd awaits entry to the Marine Barracks evening parade. There’s a natural buzz of excitement here, always a lot of activity something I really appreciated as a resident.

It’s a low-key Friday night since tomorrow our crew of twenty-two will tube down the Shenandoah River reminiscent of the 2013 Delaware trip. After an invigorating sunset jog through Lincoln Park to the National Mall, where we stumble upon the U.S. Army band and opera performing on the Capitol steps, it’s time for dinner on a friend’s rooftop. With Van Morrison on the speakers, monument views and thoughtful conversation serving as entertainment, one could enjoy this every evening!

Capitol View
Capitol View



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