What is a “non-rev” weekend warrior?

To say I work to live is a precise statement, considering I feel most alive when exploring a new place. Among many awesome perks afforded to Delta Air Lines employees, the ability to fly standby at little or no cost is the most unique benefit and by far the most valuable to someone who loves traveling. Hence, a “non-rev” weekend warrior is born: an airline employee who bounces to a different city each weekend.

Non-rev (non-revenue) flying is a great thing because it means jaunting to a vacation destination with minimal pre-planning, and it presents an interesting game-like scenario. Monitoring flight details on the company intranet is like gambling; the fluctuating number of available seats and rank of other standby passengers determine my flying fate. To go to the airport and hope for a seat or not to go – that is the question!

I wanted my first non-rev trip to be a short international flight with low risk of getting bumped from the return flight. And I wanted to share it with someone who I knew would really appreciate the experience, someone who would make the weekend extra special. The answer: a visit to the Bahamas with my dad!

Nassau is well-known for Atlantis resort and the steady stream of cruise ship passengers flooding Señor Frog’s, but the really rewarding, beautiful side of the island is outside the tourist bubble. My recommendation: rent a scooter and ride the outskirt roads, stopping to reflect as the locals do. Or, better yet, rent a private waterfront home on the south side of the island near the beach where James Bond’s car once became a submarine. Whatever you do, rest assured that Bahamians will welcome you with friendly hospitality and conch fritters.


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