Drinking the Delta Kool-Aid? You bet.


From the inside looking out, it’s no wonder Delta was named FORTUNE’s 2014 World’s Most Admired Airline. The company’s business model is organized thoughtfully, workmates interact with an inherent kindness and brand evokes a sense of pride. I’ve never been more honored to be part of a team.

A cycle of success: It really is all about the people.

From the initial interview in NYC to sitting here at my desk in the Atlanta GO, each colleague I’ve met is a class act, dedicated to excellence and passionate about Delta. Our leaders believe that taking care of employees leads to company growth, and this year’s profit share celebration is evidence of success.

The best advice: Be deliberate in your pursuits and take measured risks.

If you have a goal in mind and you’re working hard to achieve it, good things will happen. Tireless networking led me to directly contact a Delta executive; I expressed admiration for the company’s initiatives and desire to learn from and contribute to the team. Determination and patience paid off.

Joining Delta’s sales ops division is the culmination of years of hard work. Who know where the future will take me? For now, I’m focused on the job at hand and this weekend’s non-rev flight to the Bahamas – La Dolce Vita!


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