#SEasia2012, here we go

time to dest.It’s hour two of a 25-hour trek from IAD to Ho Chi Minh City via a stop in Hong Kong. This is the farthest I’ve traveled alone. The unknown is somewhat thrilling, knowing that I must put together the pieces like a puzzle to successfully navigate foreign airports, and then find my way to rendezvous with friends who have just motorbiked down the Ho Chi Minh trail.

What if I miss the connection and ‘get landed’ in China? What if my buddies are still on the trail, unable to communicate that they’re several days out? Would I enjoy 10 days in SE Asia by myself? Probably!

Later on…

Thanks to technology, distance only seems as far as the time it takes to get from one place to another. Quiet time on the plane is nice for catching up on movies, reflection, reading and other projects (writing!). Despite an appreciation for the traveling process, after 25 hours it feels like I’ve gone quite a distance and I’m ready to hit the ground.

The buzz of an airport is energizing. Sometimes going through customs can be difficult, but it’s a smooth operation this time. When I finally arrive, it’s a site for sore eyes to see the backs of my friends at the hotel concierge desk – with a bottle of Nep Moi in hand. Let’s get this party started!

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