Bittersweet transition

Recently I decided to transition from Delta Air Lines to a local marketing communications agency in Charleston. At this cross-roads in my life, it makes sense to prioritize geography and a lifestyle with minimal commuting and travel. This was the most difficult decision of my career. It saddens me deeply to leave our Delta family — a place that feels like home in so many ways. And I’m excited for this next season. So very bittersweet!

Meaningful experience and virtues I’ll carry throughout my career.

Delta’s benevolent culture and servant leadership style have been uplifting, especially during difficult times in my life over the past five+ years. I’m thankful for colleagues who became friends and mentors who were always in my corner providing constant, selfless encouragement. As Delta’s founder C.E. Woolman said, “an airline is a team.”

Working alongside talented leaders “in the trenches” of a transformational business has forever impacting my professional trajectory, outlook on business and personal confidence. I was challenged to do my very best. I learned how to take calculate risks, build foundational structure from the ground-up, and a lot about my own abilities. And I became part of a close-knit group that will always be my work family. Immensely grateful!

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