Venezia: ancient city never gets old

For our annual EMEA Sales meeting, colleagues and I are spending a few days in Venice. After two days of nonstop presentations and meetings, we are privileged to experience old downtown Venice, in James Bond style.

A private boat shuttles our group across the waterway and up the Grand Canal — something only done by special request and government approval. We disembark at the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel, a 15th century palace turned luxury hotel. A masquerade welcome reception featuring Bellini cocktails (invented in Venice) is followed by formal dinner in the frescoed ballroom, all with the gentle background music from a period three-piece string band. The evening conclude with gallivanting across the city’s fine late night establishments. I am humbled by this very special, authentic evening.

I was fortunate to also have a day to wander the city solo, revisiting favorite spots from previous trips. Truly a unique place with amazing architectural feats. Magnifico!


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