Joining DAR in honor of family

My father’s mother was deeply proud of our family heritage and spent many years researching Allgood genealogy, pouring through old texts and visiting grave sites. She hoped I would continue her work and join the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR). Unfortunately, she passed before I was at an age to take interest.

Now that I’m back in Washington, D.C. ⁠— home of NSDAR’s headquarters ⁠— it feels like the right time and place to resume efforts to join. To become a member, one must prove their lineage to an original patriot who took action in support of America’s freedom from England. Some members have taken years to find their family’s documentation, but I am lucky. A prosperous day of research in NSDAR’s library yielded records of Allgood support for the American Revolution.

Among my grandmother’s research is a photograph of a grave belonging to an ancestor known to have fought in the war. In her handwriting, a note says “contact K. Brockman.” It feels like a special request just for me, so I call every K. Brockman I can find. Eventually someone returns my call. “You found me,” he says. “I remember your grandmother. She visited my home, where our family has owned the land for centuries. There’s an unregistered graveyard on the property and many of our ancestors are there. You are welcome to come by.”

Today it’s my pleasure to commemorate my family’s history and that of our great country, by taking the NSDAR oath. “…grateful for the blessings of liberty and privilege of membership…”

Someday soon I’ll visit K. Brockman to learn more.

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