Jordan: cave dwelling, Petra & Wadi Rum

We’re day hiking with 2,000 year old history and a few furry friends within the sandstone cliffs of Petra, Jordan. I recommend attending the candlelit evening performance, despite the fact that it’s extremely crowded and visitors are disruptive with camera flashes. There are several nearby hotel bars with local flavor, in case you desire a nightcap.


Living like Lawrence in Arabia with a private tour of Wadi Rum Desert. It’s peaceful and quiet in this vast valley. 🐪


Little Petra Bedouin Camp offers the opportunity to be a genuine cave-dweller and enjoy old-fashioned, fireside  barbecue. Highly recommend.


Kerak is one of the largest crusader castles still standing in the area. Construction began under the King of Jerusalem in the 1140’s, and it controlled bedouin herders and trade from Damascus to Egypt and Mecca. Ottomans eventually captured the stronghold. In December 2016, a terrorist attack here killed 10 and injured 34 people.


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