Village hopping in Spain

Sitting in JFK’s lounge with a cold brew in hand and travel buddy across the table, we are discussing weekend trip options. We aimed to hop a flight to Jordan, but holiday crowds mean limited seat availability. Not to worry! We’ll shift trajectory and head for Espagne. This is what standby travel looks like: challenging like a puzzle, spontaneous and exciting!

Barcelona’s La Boquería market and bustling La Rambla pedestrian walkway are well worth a stroll. There are plenty of chances for refreshing street-side sangria. La Sagrada Familia is a monstrosity, so don’t take too much time there. Instead, focus on the old town and get lost in its alleyways.

After a day exploring the city on foot, rent a car and drive northeast up the coast towards France. Along the way, choose from a multitude of charming bed & breakfast inns in the fishing villages. Spain is known for its horses, so spend an afternoon on horseback. Finish the day with a Spanish-style dinner — this means over five hours of tasty croquettes, seafood and free-flowing vino from local wineries. Cheers!

Cadaqués, Spain
Cadaqués, Spain
Begur, Spain
Begur, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain


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