Aimed for Machu Picchu, ended up in Patagonia

Every now and then you need to get away — far, far away — to ruminate on the trajectory of your life. For me, this means a jaunt into the great outdoors. My sister is one of the most insightful people I know; she brings a lot of depth to conversation. So off we go, adventure on!

Sister Trip
Ready to hop a flight from Hartsfield International. But to where? Offered my SkyMiles to whoever could guess our destination before we landed. No winner!

Flights to Peru have limited seat availability, so we shift gears towards Buenos Aires. As we board, my sister says she trusts my travel judgement. So, mid-flight, I book two seats on a connection to El Calafate, Argentina. We are both thrilled to be here!

El Calafate
We have arrived… in El Calafate!

El Calafate is like a small ski village in the Rockies — full of tourists, outdoor gear shops and expensive beer. It’s a wildly cute little town, nicely situated on the Lago Argentino shoreline. We spend a few hours meandering, then book a bus tour to check out Perito Moreno glacier in Los Glaciares National Park.

Inside the park, you can walk a path through the woods to see the glacier and a ferry offers up-close views of falling ice. Thankfully, this is not a strenuous day and the casual walking is a nice warm-up for the real deal tomorrow.


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