Embalse El Yeso

#NeverStopExploring in Cheelay

Progress with good will and good company, and you will be rewarded with divine experience. ‪In my life this concept proves true, over and over again. This weekend in Chile is no exception.

“Do you like wine and seafood? You’re in the right place!”

Thanksgiving is the best time to travel internationally, since most Americans choose to celebrate domestically. It’s the start of Santiago’s summer; days are warm and night temps are in the 50’s. Vibrant flowers canvas the city and Cathedral of Santiago’s ornate interior rivals Europe’s finest. Chile’s capital is a walkable oasis where you can find fresh ceviche and espresso on every block. Bellavista is the neighborhood for Bohemian-style happy hour and classy rooftop dinners. Buen provecho!

Trading Valparaiso for Viña del Mar and Concón

Known for colorful hillsides and abstract street art, Valparaiso was the one place several people recommended suggesting it’s somewhat of a tourist attraction. We found the cliffs of Viña del Mar and desert-like dunes of Concón, just a bit further north, to be more inspiring. Indicative of our preference for natural versus man-made sites? Be sure to stop at Veramonte winery, in the land of crisp Sauvignon Blanc!

Carménère country

Similar to escapades in Israel and Guatemala, the Chilean road less traveled leads to happy hour with the most lovely landscapes. Our sturdy sedan is a mountain climber making its way down a gravelly dirt road in Valle del Maipo and beyond. Good thing it’s a rental. Overlooking El Yeso reservoir, surrounded by the Andes, I feel more connected with Creation than I have in some time. Agradecido de estar aquí!

Update: Hat’s off to the late D. Tompkins, conservationist and adventure seeker, who spent his last moments kayaking in South Chile.


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