Seven countries in one long weekend

I met this interesting fella on a dating app and we were meant to be travel friends. When he went silent after chatting for a week or so, naturally I assumed he wasn’t interested. Next! But a month later I received this note: “Sorry, I moved to Shanghai and social media doesn’t work in China. I’ll be in Europe for six weeks every few months, so let me know if you ever want to meet in person. In fact, I’ll be in Austria in two weeks for an Iron Man competition…”

Ready, set, go — obviously! Fly into Munich and take a train to Zell am See to cheer for the Iron Man race. Then, with a few new friends, take a train south through the Alps, into Slovenia and stop in Zagreb. Then drive the coast of Croatia by way of Bosnia. Fly back to Atlanta by way of Paris. Seven countries in one long weekend – only in Europe!

Favorite time / place combo: Alps in summerPlitvice Lakes National Park and the Croatian coastline



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