“Love and explore passionately, this is the meaning of life!”

Colombian culture is alluring. My new friends are especially considerate, fascinating, passionate, playful folks who value family and the finer things — a rare combination to find in the States. Out of necessity, being independent has become my way; I’d forgotten how nice it is to be looked after. And it’s such a pleasure waking to big smiles and the sound of Spanish music, our gracious host happily singing along — if only I knew the words!

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Atop Bogota’s Monserrate

Gazing over the city from my perch, it feels so good to sit quietly and reflect. You know when you’re deep in thought, driving along the interstate, then realize much time has passed and you’re much farther down the road? That’s how life feels to me. Lately I’ve been going from one thing to the next without pause, perhaps too rapidly for my own good. Examined individually, there have been so many incredible moments, weekend after weekend for years of new and exciting experiences. But in action and memory, it seems time is short. This weekend is no exception, having passed in a snap.

Chilean painter Daniel Alejandro Rojas sits nearby. He calls me a scientist ballerina clearly he hasn’t noticed my lack of coordination and asks if I’d like to join a potluck dinner where everyone prepares a dish from their homeland. Ah, the communal mentality!

Daniel reminds me, “We have such an amazing world. To love and explore passionately, this is the meaning of life!”

Monserrate, Bogota
Monserrate, Bogota


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