Five star London experience

Four months into my second role within Delta Global Sales, I’m managing the first international meeting for our advisory board comprised of 32 travel professionals collectively representing $7.8B of revenue to the company. This group serves as a key voice of our customers and sounding board for new initiatives. Over the years, the board’s recommendations have guided polices and procedures. Needless to say, it’s an honor to work with these folks.

Our purpose is to offer firsthand experience of Delta’s partnership with Virgin Atlantic and discuss ways to make it easier to do business with Delta. Our guests will enjoy the Delta Arrivals Lounge, Virgin Clubhouse and Upper Class Wing service. We start with an Edwardian dinner cruise, followed by a full-day meeting and dinner at fabulous Oxo Tower. The final touch is a symbolic token of our appreciation: a Bulova timepiece. Bulova honored Charles Lindbergh’s legendary 1927 transatlantic flight and provided timing instruments for NASA’s first moonwalk and Air Force One. Richard Branson endorsed the Accutron line in 2011, and now our board can share the tradition.

Months of late nights and early mornings spent preparing have led to this whirlwind week of little sleep and lots of rewarding engagement. So thankful for a job where I feel valued and get to experience the sexy side of London.

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This is the most pleasant stay I’ve had in foggy London town, despite the demanding nature of my visit.

Majestically overlooking the River Thames, just across from Embankment station in the Covent Garden district, Corinthia Hotel welcomes the world’s elite into its luxury spa, courtyards and dining establishments. It’s an impressive venue, from the flower-adorned grand lobby and in-house Harrod’s boutique, to the Northall Bar breakfast spread and an attentive, tuxedo-sporting concierge who helped us out with VIP access to the city’s current it-spot, Rumpus Room. The Hotel was established in 1885 and commandeered by the British government during the World Wars to become home of MI9, a special ops division that facilitated Allied POW escapes; Corinthia’s Bassoon Bar was once Churchill’s cigar parlor.

Romantic architecture, first-class service and rich history… may I become a resident, please?

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