Beijing to Breckenridge

My lovely sister, Breanna, and her fiancé, Casey, spent the summer living in a small town outside Beijing. Teaching English to school children and volunteering at an orphanage, they met Patti. This dynamic consultant from California makes it her mission to share U.S. traditions with Lycia, a sweet woman who doesn’t have much opportunity to learn English or leave her Chinese community in San Francisco.

Giving thanks in Breck

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and togetherness, Patti graciously hosts us all in her Breckenridge, Colorado timeshare. I’ve been in a tough season of life lately, and this is a solid reminder that there is comfort in the company of others and kind gestures. It’s amazing how even the shortest trips build bonds among participants, and strangers become fast friends. I’m thankful to know these welcoming, altruistic, thoughtful people.

A sporting good time

Ah, fresh powder coupled with a sunny, 40 degree afternoon. Despite a multiyear hiatus from the slopes, skiing is like riding a bicycle once learned, it’s a skill that’s never forgotten. Breanna has become somewhat of a pro, navigating from peak to peak with ease like a mountain tour guide. A snoeshoe hike later and we’re ready to enjoy Lycia’s traditional Chinese feast!


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