Teddy the traveling bear

The best traveling is the kind with friends, and man’s best friend is a puppy full of love and ready for adventure. I’ve been fortunate to have two furry, four-legged travel companions: Cubby and Teddy Bear. Together, we enjoyed many wonderful places and met innumerable interesting people from different walks of life.

How do you travel with a puppy? It can be an easy process if you know what to expect.

If your sidekick is a little fellow, he can ride in the cabin under the seat in front of you; the kindest of flight attendants may even allow him to sit on your lap. Check the airline’s pet policy for seat dimensions and fees. To ensure your buddy has a comfortable ride, I recommend a mesh bag with a softly padded floor and a pocket full of puppy treats. On long-haul flights sedatives can be helpful to keep him calm, but I found them to be unnecessary, especially when the pup becomes accustomed to flying at a young age.

Something that is necessary for most international flights: a certificate of good health from a specialized vet. Vaccination and quarantine requirements are designated by the destination country and your pup will not be allowed through Customs without proper paperwork, like if you attempted to cross borders without a passport.

Which airline is the most pet-friendly?

Delta Air Lines partner Virgin Atlantic offers special in-flight meals and has an awesome frequent flyer program for jet-setting pets. It’s like lifestyles of the rich and famous for flying furry friends!



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