Mmmm mm mm, Malta

Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world, but its importance as a stronghold has been significant over time. Romans and Phoenician traders from Byblos stopped here to replenish supplies, Sicilian Muslims recolonized the islands around 1050 CE, Napoleon Bonaparte reformed local government in the late 1700’s, and the British Navy used the area as a fleet headquarters during World War II — all before Malta gained independence in 1964.

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Not-to-do: Become stranded at Blue Lagoon

It sounds like a wonderful, movie-like experience to become stranded in a tropical paradise like Blue Lagoon. It’s a beautiful must-see — comfortably from the seat of a boat. Take the 22 euro all-inclusive trip from St. Julian’s to the dock at Paradise Bay, where you’ll take a speed boat to Comino Island. But don’t let the boat leave you at Blue Lagoon with the other nine thousand tourists. Good luck finding a place to sit on the sizzling rocky coastline!

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To-do: SCUBA!

Malta’s ocean view is a spectrum of blues and greens, with abandoned military outposts speckling the coastline and rugged hills plunging into the surf. Paradise Bay is a great place to scuba for the first time. Lessons? Eh, don’t worry about those! Our instructor, Teete, is more like an underwater tour guide, operating all the air tank and buoyancy valves. Just be sure to learn the hand signals. And enjoy the dive!



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