Comraderie, company pride & a global conference in L.A.

Dinner catered by Wolfgang Puck, wines selected by sommelier Andrea Robinson, a front-row seat as Spider-Man drops from the rooftop at Paramount Studios, private performances at Club Nokia and an all-star lineup of speakers, including Magic Johnson, DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeff Katzenberg and Delta Air Lines CEO Richard Anderson. This is how the Delta Sales team celebrates a year of hard work and prepares for another stellar season of success.

It’s an impressive production.

All year, Delta Sales team members around the world look forward to this massive networking event like it’s Christmas. And all year the Events team works to deliver a week of upscale private parties, special evening events and inspirational speaker presentations. Imagine what happens when folks sit around brainstorming the most fun and outrageous way to deliver business information.

Our leaders are company celebrities because they led the way to drastically improve corporate performance, setting the industry bar. With a good sense of humor and impressive acting skills, they are stars of the show. Top Gun Sales and The SalesFather are just a couple of video clips created to foster energy in the 1000+ person audience. From behind the stage, listening via headset to the production team chatter, it’s clear that everyone involved is determined to put on a solid show.

Why am I raving about this?

Because Delta Sales is rewarding employees who are winning in markets worldwide, and that’s a great motivator. Work isn’t so much like work when you’re appreciated and there’s camaraderie among colleagues. Most everyone here seems proud to waive the Delta flag, and I can’t help but think this sense is a driving force for the company’s increasing success.


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