Leaving DC: parting is sweet sorrow

I thought I left my heart in Charleston almost exactly 3.5 years ago. But driving south from D.C. feels a lot like that 2010 drive north from South Carolina: heartbreaking. It’s bittersweet leaving a city I thought I’d call home for years to come in exchange for the opportunity of a lifetime. In a way, closing a great chapter in life is a wonderful thing because it means that the last set of pages were really well-written.

Why is D.C. so great? The people.

From the original character crew and Jones Court camaraderie to Spectrumites, The Kalorama Fam and the gentlemen of CPO, community has been the biggest part of my life in D.C. I’m so thankful for the incredibly kind and dynamic people who made the past few years meaningful and unforgettable.

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“Fine” dining.

Dinner parties in D.C. are my favorite pastime, whether it’s cooking at one of our homes or trying one of the many new, eclectic restaurants. Thanks to the metro and Uber, friends and fine dining are only a few minutes away! In Eastern Market we have a couple of neighborhood favorites: Molly Malone’s is the perfect spot for an impromptu gathering and Lavagne is the place for Tuesday evening wine and cello tasting. In any case, you’re in for a treat!

A robust selection of activities.

Sure the annual “be there” events have been fun  Gold Cup, Taste of the South, GSS Congressional Reception, The Embassy Christmas party and CPO New Year’s Eve party, to name just a few. But the best D.C. activities are not the flashy events; girls’ nights, plane-watching at Gravely Point ParkJazz in the Garden, strolling through the market after brunch and jogging the National Mall with The Heat are at the top of my list.

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Looking forward…

D.C. is a phenomenal place to live, from its walkability and history to the young professional vibe and nightlife. The District will always have a place in my heart, and I aim to revisit often.

The further south I drive the more it feels like I’m slipping into another version of myself. Like putting on my favorite Newbies: classic but with a flair of progression. I hope the feeling is a metaphor for my next chapter: Atlanta.

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