Delaware weekend getaway for 15

944268_10102362568021590_65161466_nThese days, each experience is at least as much fun as the last. My dad is right on: as soon as you think life can’t get much better, it does.

Sitting in beach-bound traffic and already having fun? It’s going to be a good trip.

15 or so D.C. folks venture to Delaware for an annual river tubing adventure and Longwood Gardens visit. From the good-natured crew to the hospitality of our host and the spectacular entertainment, it is one of the best weekends of this summer, hands down.

Straying from a love affair with the city, the fresh air and lush green countryside is alway enamoring. We stay with a friend’s mother, one of the most elegant, lovely ladies I’ve met – a role model in many ways.

Our Very Own Flotilla and the Most Impressive Gardens

River tubing is a great way to battle the heat, and our circle of linked tubes creates a cozy floating community. It is especially nice, sharing drinks and laughing all together about how to “self-save” in the case of drowning and a game of telephone (intentionally?) gone wrong.

Later in the evening, as if the 1,077 beautiful acres of gardens aren’t enough, the Longwood Fireworks and Fountains presentation is over-the-top impressive: fireworks coordinated with fountains and a symphony, and an unexpected lightening show provide an awe-inspiring backdrop. It feels like being in a Revolutionary War film scene.


The best way to build relationships is to spend quality time enjoying each other and making memories. Once time moves us further down the road of life, perhaps in different directions from one another, we’ll remember times like these. We’ll forever know each other as we were at this stage. There’s something really neat about this kind of connectivity. Longwood weekend is one not to be missed, obviously!

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