Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city, is a sprawling metropolis full of expats, ornate temples, colorful lights and the most beautiful women who are really men. This is what I call big city energy!

Although we purposefully avoid the wild, often sinful nightlife of Soi Cowboy red light district, my gentlemen travel companions are repeatedly grabbed and groped as we walk down the crowded streets of upscale Bangkok. Naturally we seek the classiest place we can find to balance out.

The New York Times named Sky Bar “the most stunning rooftop bar you’ll ever see.” Here you can see a 360 view of Bangkok and reenact scenes from Hangover II. Twinkling city lights are like stars speckling a Charleston green sky while the band plays from a pedestal hovering above the dinner crowd. Candlelit cocktails on top of the world yes!

Our Bangkok visit is complete with a stop by Rajawongse Clothier, a tailor well-known to expat elite and political celebrities around the world. On to Pattaya!


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