Saigon shenangans

A serious shower back in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, and we’re ready for a night on the town. Vietnamese nightclubs may not typically be as polished or ornate as those in Manhattan or Istanbul, but the locals can party with the best of them. Whether you’re dancing in the streets or in a club, shenanigans can easily lead to rooftops and new friends. Just be sure your new friend doesn’t intend to charge money for your hangout.

With their free-spirit attitudes and inclination to drink heavily, backpackers flood the Pham Ngũ Lão Street area where the bars are open all night. Naturally this concentration of intoxicated foreigners attracts a little riffraff looking to take advantage. Leave your passport in the hotel security vault and only carry as much Dong yes, Dong as you wish to spend. The buddy system is good for safety in numbers, as well as ensuring that you never go home alone!

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