Favorite island: North Captiva

Off the Gulf of Mexico sits a little piece of paradise, North Captiva Island. My family has vacationed here several times, but this visit is extra special, a celebration before I begin the next big endeavor. After two weeks of interviews, house hunting and making new friends, yesterday I decided to move to Washington, D.C. Charleston has been a wonderful place to live, but it’s a final destination kind of place and I’m not yet ready to settle anywhere.

I digress.

On North Captiva, a haven only accessible by boat, cars are replaced by golf carts toodling down sand trails that traverse the island. You won’t find any commercialism or city noise here. Barnacle Phil’s is the only public establishment serving food on the island, so pick up pre-ordered groceries in Cape Coral on the way to the water taxi.

I find this somewhat pure existence, so close to Nature, to be nice motivation for a healthy living kick-start. It’s refreshing to kayak and jog the shoreline, followed by a rest near the the air strip where small planes are occasionally seen landing in the grass. If lucky, you may also witness a fisherman reeling in redfish or snapper.

After a dinner cookout, there’s no better place to watch sunset than from the rooftop hot tub. An evening walk along the inlet reveals flashes of neon green-blue color in the water, or perhaps it’s magic. A midnight swim concludes the day before a hard sleep under the stars.

No doubt, this is one of my favorite places. I hope to share it with a special someone someday.

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