Austrian hills are alive with the sound of skiing

Five friends set off for an Austrian ski weekend and it’s a typically beautiful drive south through the German countryside to Salzberg. I’m so happy to be back in DE with my favorite person. Even a construction detour can’t crush our high spirits.

To ski or snowboard? That is the question. These cats are experienced snowboarders, whereas I’m into the more classic winter sport. I decide to give something new a try and strap a beginner’s board to my snow boots. It’s a grueling day of hard falls; good thing the snow is soft. Afterwards, we schlep our way to the nearest pub for a little schnitzel and brew. Prost!

Day two includes a stay at Edelweiss Lodge in Garmisch, a U.S. Department of Defense owned hotel. Spacious rooms are a rare find in Europe and the size of this place signifies we’re in American territory. The lobby fireplace provides ambiance for our nightcap, and we are ready for dreams of sugarplums. I hope we will return for a summer visit.


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