Swiss road tripping

The best thing about being in Germany — aside from being with my sweetheart, of course — is the ability to take weekend road trips to the most attractive places in Europe. Switzerland must be near the top of that list, and it’s only a car ride away. We are lucky to pay U.S. prices for gasoline, as Clark gets a stipend of coupons on post. The trick is to map our journey by way of Esso stops.

Lucerne, Luzern.

Most people in Lucerne speak German, so we’re good to go, thanks to Clark’s knack for learning languages. Although prices are particularly high here, there are many things to do without spending francs. From a stroll along River Reuss, past the covered Chapel Bridge and Church of St. Leodegar to Old Fort, there are breathtaking views of the lake with a mountainous backdrop. Next time we’ll be sure to take the gondola to the peak of Mount Titlus for a panoramic view.

We spent a night in jail!

Our lodging is Jailhotel Löwengraben, a prison in the old town, operational from 1862 to 1998. Although we have a private shower just across the hall, there are no TVs, phones or comfy beds. That’s okay, at least my cell mate is entertaining with the antics!


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