Grand Cayman, how appropriately named

Pirate reenactments and overpriced cocktails? You must be at Rum Point, among a crowd of folks dripping with sunscreen and wearing floral shirts! It’s a popular stop for cruise ships toodling around the Caribbean. If you only have a few hours to enjoy the island, you might as well assimilate to the tourist culture – order a piña colada and enjoy the spectacle! If you have more time, get out to explore the area’s natural treasures.

Seeking a more private experience with a little adventure?

We like to stay in the residential area on the east end if the island. Beyond the pool, hot tub and hammock, our private dock is dwarfed by the vast green and blue sea sparkling in the sun. A hundred yards from shore with a kayak tied to my ankle, we snorkel around the reef and hunt for lobster with nothing but bare hands. They’re exceptionally fast swimmers and seem to enjoy dodging our advances. Only my brother is quick enough to catch one little do we know that keeping our new friend is a legal violation with penalties up to $500,000 and a year in jail!

Eels, stingrays and barracudas, oh my!

At Stingray City sandbar, sea creatures are so docile that they could easily be mistaken for domesticated aquarium residents; they allow people to pet and hold them in exchange for fishy treats. Stingray skin is slick and eels are soft like fuzzy jello. A barracuda swims creepily nearby as if hovering, clearly curious but disinterested enough to keep his distance from our group of snorkelers. It’s amazing how tame wildlife can be when unthreatened.

Best way to find this little paradise is definitely by catamaran with the salty air in your hair and a sweetheart in hand!


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