Hanging in Holland

Another weekend, another awesome road trip. It’s a beautiful drive north from Wiesbaden with windows down, rolling green hills and fresh air. We’re leaving Deutschland for Holland, camping gear and bikes strapped to the car.

Situating our tent for a nice view of the Amsterdam canal, we find a bag of marijuana in the grass, so casual like someone left behind a pack of cigarettes. Since neither of us smoke, we trade the small treasure to our neighbors in exchange for their promise to keep an eye on our things. Then we peddle into town among a sea of bicyclers.

You can buy mushrooms and pot in public coffee houses, but the real allure is stroopwafels, Dutch caramel cookies originally made with leftover breadcrumbs. Mmm! Amsterdam’s Red Light District has a seedy reputation, but we wander about during the day without even noticing we’re in it. Delft pottery shops, on the other hand, are hard to miss and worth a stop-in. Also not to be missed, Anne Frank’s house is a reminder of history not to be repeated.

I have an affinity for campsite showers and the smell of Neutrogena travel wash. Or perhaps it’s the relief of warm water after a nice day spent in chilly rain!

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